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Researching Georgia Genealogy


I have a special interest in surnames,and enjoy helping other figure out possible spellings,or slight name changes that occur in many family trees.This is not a state of Georgia phenomena,it happens to many of us,and the odd things some of our past relatives did,was like throwing a horse shoe in a gear shaft,to us future relatives who take up the task of documenting the family history.



One thing I'd like to add,is one researching their pass roots is nothing new,it's just easier now days with the internet,computers to store information,and us researchers who share the information via those gadgets,and one little name change makes all this modern technology useless,so sometimes a lot of guess work comes in,on where to pick up the trail again.In many cases,the scent is gone while on the hunt for records of days gone by.


My name is Brielle Parson and for the last couple of years have enjoyed helping others researching their family history.As well as my own of course.I still have more research to do on the Parson name,that has changed 3 times since the early 1800's.I am not the best researcher out here,and pretty much stick to my own back yard.(The State of Georgia) but sometimes a person has to dwell all over the country trying to find a person's heritage.I do this also for others,and have enjoyed the mysteries of a trail gone cold,and to do my best to track down information never giving up.If this was to easy,maybe researching one's history would be a bore.I know is some cases,or alot of the time we reach dead ends.Sooner or later we all do,but we just have to keep tracking,spreading the word,and all us genealogy buffs working together helping another is what unsolved a lot of these mysteries.


As I said in the paragraph above.I pretty much stick to the state of Georgia.This is where my roots are,and this is where us Parson's ended up.So be it.If my researched ventured out of this state,I think I'd nd up pulling my hair out.Not in frustration,but a person can only grab one night crawler out of the ground at a time.(smile).


                                             Current Cases I'm Working On -- Clay County & Surrounding Counties


Right now I'm helping a wonderful lady by the name Alice Montgomery locate some graves of some past relatives from the 1830's.The names of these graves are a Johnathon Alter & Peter Alter who both died from an unknown illness,and their gravesides are somewhere between Albany and  Augusta Georgia.She believes they were laid to rest between the years 1860-1862.I know this is a shot in the dark,and a needle in a haystack scenario,but if anyone recognizes those names,or have possibly seen these grave sites while visiting another grave.Please contact me below at my e-mail address.I promised this lady I'd forever keep an eye open,so hoping someone comes forward with some information.


I have a small update to this case,or maybe better said a tad bit of more information that may ring a bell,so others may step forward if this evidence helps.Everything helps,but as I said to Alice,as I say to all of you.More information never hurts,but being this is such a cold case,and once again I find myself correcting myself.A trail that has gone cold sometimes remains cold.A letter was found in a trunk at her aunts,and it was very unfortunate the directions to this grave site of many were left out,but where the grave was among some of the unmarked stones.None of this makes sense to me,but graves that were marked,didn't remain marked very long if not done right.


We really want to get to not only this graves where-about..but the others as well.We want to spread the word!!


I'll keep you updated. 

Another case with a very interesting last name that has puzzled myself,and countless others is the where about of a lost relative named William C. Cultery.He is believed to have lived in Macon Georgia all his life,and is known to have married a young gal by the name Emily in the year 1880.Talk about a family who can only trace their roots back to the 1880's and it ends with William,who they suspect strongly may have changed his name in order to fit in more with the population,or possibly he was hiding something,because he did flee Denmark due to a theft of a goat.They took things like that pretty serious in that Island Country,and it's quite possible according to the great grand-daughter he may have been trying to avoid those here who may have known the owner of that goat.So name changing was a common practice when someone wanted to hide their past.The family is upright standing citizens,and they enjoy the tale of the possible goat theft that's responsible for the dead end on their search for past relatives.


Penny Johnson is seeking anyone with information who may have new a John & Vail Armstrong who were married in Rome Georgia.The brother of her great grandpa went separate ways from the family when he married a gal from Greece.So it's really a dead end for her seeing what became of him,and possible relatives today she hopes to meet some day if these two did indeed have children.


Does anyone have information on a Lilly Olson who married a Cliff Larson in the year of 1873 in the town of Hinesville Georgia.They are presumed to have stayed in the State of Georgia.Please let me know if the name rings a bell.It's for a dear lady who's researching her family tree,and like many of us has reached a dead end.


I'll be adding more names of those needing help.In a way it's my bulletin board for others who need help.We all need help,so it really comes off easy when lending a helping hand to others for me.


On my last notes..I'd like to say I know your frustrations at time,and know the feeling where one says "This is it".I can't find any more information beyond these dates.You'd be surprised if you spend an hour,or two a year trying to dig farther you might come up with another branch on your family tree,or perhaps even go back farther in time.None of this is done,or maybe better said don't plan on your research being accomplished over a weekend.Don't put a time line on accomplishing your family tree.So with all this said,Just know it's a never ending quest,and do your best to enjoy the frustration.It makes your research all that much more fun when a person don't consider their accomplishments in their research.


You'll find some genealogy links to the right,and keep trying google from time,to time also.O know I say over,and over,and over again.Just keep researching,and never be afraid to write others asking.




                                                           Parson Family Name Changes The Last 200 Years


My past family changed their name 3 times in the 1800.For reasons unknown to me I'd certainly like to know why,but many practiced that in those times,and some of those reasons could be as simple as moving to another county so they could fit in better with their neighbors.I'm assuming that,because no record was left on why.I hope my children,and my grandchildren don't follow those steps as my past relatives did.But what's done is done,and all I can do is keep researching,and accept the fact I have a challenge when it comes to researching my heritage.


My great great great grandpa George Persson maried a beautiful girl named Clara in Sweden in the town of Uppsala. I'm sad that her maiden name has been forgotten. How much I'd love to dwell into her heritage,but due she was raised in an orphanage that is no longer in existence things like this happen.A dead end like a brick wall is a good description.


I'll be adding a page with my family tree,but still have some finishing touches to add,so please stay tuned.I will get it complete,just want it as complete as I can get it,so I can kick my feet up and smoke a cigar in satisfaction.


But back to what this paragraph is suppose to be all about.The Parson family name changes in the last couple of hundred years,would make a person think we were fugitives,and I have no idea why our last name had to be changed that many times,and it leaves the speculation wide open,but so bet it. Parson.No,we are not English,but actually Swedish in heritage,and if my past family would have kept up with the name changing,we could be mistaken as being French.(smile).


We came over from the old country in 1822 and that's as far as I could go back finding documentation her in the states.We arrived in Charleston and made our way inward into the state of Georgia over the years.I think we have roots to the present day now,that I have distant relatives pretty much living in every major town in the state of Georgia.


I'll be adding a page as I mentioned earlier on the Parson last name on my side of side of the family. I've noticed our family tree is pretty unique,and it's even rare for another Parson with the same last name,to get confused with our Parson heritage,but ya never know.I think in all our family trees we find surprises along the way while doing our research.That's what makes genealogy so fun & exciting for me.Ya just never know?


I wanted to add this paragraph for those researching the Parson name,and if the prior name changes ring any bells with you on your family tree.Let me remind you once again that our family,and it's roots are pretty much in the state of Georgia.Yes,we have family living in other parts of the country,but these are my children,and our grand kids and we have them all traced right back here.We can't go in the future.We can only investigate the past,to present in all our family trees.


                                                    Persson..(Original Name) Arrived in 1822 In Charleston Georgia


                                                                Persson..Changed The Name to "Person" in 1838


                                                    Person..Once Again Changed the Name to "Perssons"in 1860


                                         Perssons..Hopefuly the LAST time changed their name to present day "Parson"





                                                                                      Comments & Questions

I'm kinda booked up at present moment,but if you have a question feel free to send it.I do make note of things,and have a good memory when it comes to names.So if something comes up,rest assured I'll get back to you.I'm always reading,and searching,and 99.9999 % all the names I come across have no solution to my research,but I always keep in mind that maybe someone they do hold significance.